Event Recap: How to talk about human rights in classroom

26 Nov

Event Recap: How to talk about human rights in classroom

AIHK in collaboration with Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union held a virtual sharing session for local teachers on 1 Nov. Our guest speaker Mr. Chiu Han-shih shared his experience of promoting civic education and building a ‘human rights friendly school’. Mr. Chiu, an experienced high school teacher in Taiwan, is dedicated to promoting civic education, critical thinking and human rights values at school through interactive teaching methods. He is also the co-author of “Civic Education Outside the Classroom” (《教室外的公民課》).


Mr. Chiu had a direct conversation with Hong Kong teachers and shared his teaching experience in the sharing event. For example, he once worked with a local theatre and invited his students to act in a mini play about discrimination. Through role-playing as the bullies, the victims and the observers, students were encouraged to empathise, think from new perspectives and reflect on their respective roles in discrimination and bullying.


“Role-playing allow students to realise they may discriminate others or be discriminated. But most of them are just silent majority who are observing. So the message of this class is: when you see something wrong happens, will you step in and make a change?”


Mr. Chiu also suggested Hong Kong teachers to work with the civil society and make good use of the educational resources available outside the campus. For example, when he held an on-campus film screening on death penalty, he invited Hsu Tze-chiang who was wrongly jailed for 16 years on death row to share his human story with his students.


We are very grateful to Mr. Chiu’s sharing of his interactive teaching methods in difficult debates on death penalty, nuclear power and LGBT rights. In the future, we will continue to promote human rights education and facilitate professional exchange of education workers.