Guidelines for students interview

Guidelines for students interview



AIHK is pleased to welcome interview requests from students for research or other educational purposes. In order to ensure a mutually beneficial and trusting relationship between the interviewers and our staff, we would appreciate if you read the following interview guidelines thoroughly before submitting your interview requests:


  • Interview request must be sent at least 2 weeks before your proposed interview date. Interview requests with less than 2-week notice may not be entertained;
  • AIHK will not provide any statistics which is already publicly available online or otherwise e.g. number of asylum seekers in Hong Kong;
  • Please refer to our website, public statements (e.g. LegCo submissions) and Human Rights Magazine for our stance on specific issues. They are all accessible online;
  • Please be puntual for arranged interviews. In case you need to reschedule, please notify us ASAP.


Also, all interview requests should be supplemented with an interview outline, which must to include:


  • Your name, school/organization, faculty/ department, contact details of your instructor(s);
  • Research topic as well as the objectives of your research/ assignment. Please let us know if you intend to interview other organizations;
  • A list of interview questions (maximum 6 questions, unless otherwise agreed by the staff concerned);
  • When and how will the interview be published;
  • Proposed date and time of interview (we will only conduct the interviews in-person or over the phone, unless otherwise agreed by the staff concerned);
  • Your contacts (email and phone number).

* Please note that if the interview outline is incomplete, we may not process the request.


Upon receipt of your interview request, our staff will:


  • Follow up your request within 3 working days;
  • Confirm your interview purpose and questions;
  • Arrange interview date and time. (In case we are not available for the interview, our staff will notify you by email.)


Once your research is submitted and/or published, please send us a copy for our record.