University AI Club

University AI Club

Every day there is a vast amount of human rights abuses happening across many countries. From the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay to the detained human rights lawyer in China, from the persecuted LGBT communities in Russia to Rohingya refugee in South East Asia, we witness states constantly denying human beings basic human rights.

Depressing as it may be, the situation is not unchangeable. At Amnesty International, we believe everyone can make a difference, however, small the effort is, especially university students and young adults. We are extending the invitation to you for creating the necessary change with us.

University AI Club is a campaign organised by Amnesty International Hong Kong to educate university student on human rights issues at stake. We are going to hold a series of human rights education workshops over two months and students will have a chance to organise a campaign on campus regarding thematic human rights issues.


Target: Students from local universities and colleges (including higher diploma, associate degree and undergraduate degree)

Requirement: Communication (oral and written) skills in Chinese and English

Awards: Participants will receive an AI Human Rights Campaigner Certificate upon successful completion of the project.

Application deadline: 27 November 2015

Inquiries: Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact Hugo at 21162485/ hchow@amnesty.org.hk

Prize: A certificate of AI Human Rights Campaigners for those successfully complete the programme


Time Activity
27 Nov 2015 Deadline for application
5-6 Dec 2015 Interview
9 Jan 2016 Orientation Day
16 Jan 2016 Human Rights Workshop 1: Chinese Human Rights Defenders and Freedom of Expression
30 Jan 2016 Human Rights Workshop 2: Violence against Women
13 Feb 2016 Human Rights Workshop 3: Death Penalty and International Norms
27 Feb 2016 Human Rights Workshop 4: Are They Migrants or Refugees?
12 Mar 2016 Campaign presentation and final preparations
28 Mar – 1 Apr 2016 It’s Your Turn! Human Rights Campaigns on Campus