Join Us Today #STANDWITHBELARUS On Social Media

29 Jan

Join Us Today #STANDWITHBELARUS On Social Media

Amnesty International today launches its online global solidarity action that follows on from the hugely successful global petition against police brutality which saw 191,000 people from 144 countries and territories call for an end to police violence in Belarus.

Since the widely disputed presidential election in August 2020, thousands of peaceful protesters have been detained, tortured and some even killed. The regime is waging a sinister crackdown on all forms of dissent, real or imaginary. This ranges from detaining and torturing peaceful protesters, passers-by and even flower sellers, to arresting pensioners and persecuting people wearing red or white clothes (the colours of the flag of Belarus first adopted in 1918 during a brief spell of Belarusian independence), eating red and white candy or even hanging the red and white Japanese flag in their apartments!

Protesters carrying the white-red-white flag devised by the Belarusian Democratic Republic during 1918. Source: CurrentTimesTv/Twitter

As the protest movement in Belarus evolves, strengthens and deepens, dissent is manifesting in many forms, not as visible to the eye or as easy to capture in global media. This campaign will illustrate how different sectors of Belarusian society are being targeted by the regime. It will capture and celebrate the multiple forms of courageous, creative and peaceful dissent being taken up by Belarusians. It will reflect and support their determination to claim their rights and have their voices heard, and it will call on people all over the world to express their solidarity with the peaceful protesters in Belarus.

From January to May Amnesty International will launch a series of outputs highlighting how various groups of people, including children, women and students, have suffered human rights violations at the authorities’ hands.

Join us today, #StandWithBelarus on social:

  • Take or create a picture of a flower.
  • Write a solidarity message in support of Belarusian peaceful protesters.
  • Post this image on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Tag @amnesty, and we will share.
  • Use hashtag #StandWithBelarus.