In order to maintain our independence and objectivity, we do not receive donations from governments, corporations or political organizations.

This is why your every support is the key of our human rights education works – to support us and ensure we can live in a society with mature rule of law to enjoy freedom of expression and at the same time learn to respect and protect others’ human rights.



We have always been on the frontlines to defend human rights since 1961. Not only responding promptly to both local and international urgent actions, we also concern the influence of the human rights condition to our society and our future. We actively advocate human rights education, including:

  • Organizing School Talks, Workshops and Exhibitions;
  • Producing Human Rights Education Materials for School;
  • Translating and Producing Human Rights Publications;
  • Providing Various Training for the Youth and the Activists to Equip them with Adequate Knowledge for Human Rights Protection;
  • Organizing Community Human Rights Education Programs, Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Human Rights Press Awards, On-street Exhibitions, and so on;

Through these, we aim to enhance the human rights awareness of the students and the public and equip them to fight for human rights and the rule of law system from retrogression with us. Join us today! Be the candle in the dark. You can bring CHANGES to society as being one of the proud human rights defenders.

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