TEAM AMNESTY is a new fundraising sports activity held by Amnesty International. Be part of TEAM AMNESTY and let’s gather our strength and determination to defend human rights for all!


Equality and respect for diversity are both core values of human rights and sports.

Not only do athletes face the pain of injuries, pressure from opponents and the fear of losing, they are also threatened by racial segregation, exclusion of women and discrimination against minority grounds in sports.

  • American athletes Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller were forbidden to join the 1936 Berlin Olympics because of their Jewish descent.
  • Female participation in the Boston Marathon was forbidden in the past. In 1967, Katherine Switzer joined the marathon secretly and completed the race. She fought continuously for female participation rights in sports and only since 1972 were women allowed to take part in the Boston Marathon.
  • Saudi Arabian Government believes that femininity is incompatible with sports. It is only since 2013 that girls have been permitted to take physical education classes in some of the private schools, if girls wear “decent clothing” and are under supervision by female instructors. However, women who wish to be athletes or instructors do not have plentiful of opportunities to receive training unless they go overseas.
  • Female football players in Libya are discriminated because women who play football are considered “shameful and seductive”. Years ago, threats from local Islamist radicals have forced Libya’s international woman’s football team to train in secret, constantly switching venues and deploying armed guards.


We believe that human rights, like sports, should not be the luxury of a select few. If you are also willing to become a human rights defender, you may take the following actions:

  1. CLICK HERE to purchase TEAM AMNESTY’s running singlet. You can put it on during marathons or any other sports events to show your support for human rights to people both inside and outside the arena!
  2. Before you joining any sports event, you may set up your fundraising page on Simple giving and raise fund for Amnesty! 
  3. You may also have your own fundraising ideas and targets, please do not hesitate to tell us.


We will definitely give you all the support we can! To learn more about TEAM AMNESTY or to become a member of TEAM AMNESTY, please click here to download TEAM AMNESTY leaflet  or contact us via fr@amnesty.org.hk.