2016年9月 第1期 | SEPTEMBER 2016 ISSUE 1

剛果民主共和國 : 被捕的青年運動行動者獲保釋外出

行動者和良心犯 Fred Bauma  Yves Makwambala, 於2015年監察剛果民主共和國政府侵犯抗議延遲選舉的示威者人權,之後被捕,終在上月即8月29日獲准保釋外出。

在此之前,剛果民主共和國總統 Joseph Kabila 曾與當地 LUCHA 青年運動的代表團會晤。及後,當地司法和人權部長便發表了一張釋放囚犯的名單,其中包括 Fred, Yves 和另一位人權行動者 Christopher Ngoyi。

Fred 和 Yves 雖被釋放,可是他們仍需就數項政治罪行受審,並有可能被判死刑。因此,我們要求當地政府取消所有對兩名良心犯的起訴。請密切留意我們的緊密行動呼籲。

DR Congo :  Youth Activist Leaders Released on Bail

LUCHA activists and prisoners of conscience Fred Bauma and Yves Makwambala were released on bail on 29 August after monitoring human rights violations during protests against electoral delays.

Their release follows a meeting between the Democratic Republic of Congo’s President Joseph Kabila and a delegation from the LUCHA youth movement. After the meeting, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights published a list of names of those who could benefit from release from prison. On this list were Fred Bauma, Yves Makwambala and human rights activist Christopher Ngoyi.

Fred and Yves may be free but they still have to stand trial for a few political charges and may risk the death penalty. We therefore need to continue campaigning to ask the authorities to drop all charges against Fred and Yves. Stay tuned for our latest Urgent Action appeal.



好戲推介: 閉幕電影 - 沒有電影的電影節



節目查詢 立即網上購票

或 親臨百老匯電影中心購票 | 電話購票2388 3188 

【The 6th Human Rights Documentary Film Festival】

This year the Festival will be held from 2 to 15 September 2016 at Broadway Cinematheque, with the theme "Arts and Human Rights". Several documentaries about the voicing out for human rights through arts were chosen.

Recommended Movie : Closing Film - A Filmless Festival

On the opening day of the 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival in 2014, water and electricity to the event founder’s office were cut off. Films were confiscated by the police, volunteers were attacked. The event founder and curator were detained temporarily.  The film is a vast collection of video clips taken either by cellphones or cameras, documenting the 2014 festival, from preparatory stage to its forced cancellation.

Tickets are available NOW

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or Reserve Tickets at Broadway Cinematheque Box Office 
Phone Ticketing at 2388 3188 



在 2006 年,肯亞國家人權委員會借用內羅比婦女醫院的數據指出,每 30 分鐘即有一名婦女遭性侵。同年,澳洲籍女子夏洛特在東肯亞慘遭輪姦後,惡夢才開始。當年,夏洛特前往當地報案後,探員告之「該國從無性侵案能成功起訴!」自此長達七年間,她為正義而戰。《不可能性訴?》追蹤該案,深入法庭與社區,鼓舞每一位倖存者。

立即網上留座 | 更多資料
Community Screening: Stop Violence against Women Series – I Will Not Be Silenced

One young Australian woman, Charlotte Campbell Stephen’s horrific gang rape has led to a seven-year battle for justice with the Kenyan legal system culminating in a highly publicized court case. Rape victims rarely report rapes and do not testify against their attackers in Kenya because they fear for their lives.
Her indomitable strength had brought many silenced women out of the dark to stand at her side. Charlotte’s case is a test case for the women of Kenya and the reformers in the Kenyan legal system.

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自2015年以來,中國的維權律師,維權人士及其NGO,不斷受到中國政府打壓。趙思樂得獎的文章與現在相距一年多,中國的NGO狀況現在又是如何? 我們邀請了趙思樂跟大家分享她的觀察。
講題: 《中國權利NGO生死劫》
講者: 趙思樂
日期: 9月24日 (星期六)  
時間: 15:30 至 17:00
地點: 佐敦道2號 KUC SPACE 

Human Rights Talk: “The Fate of Chinese Rights NGOs”
"I would like to give thanks to Hong Kong", “As long as there is one press that is willing to report on China’s human rights, one reporter that's willing to write, one reader that's willing to read, I will continue to report. I have to thank Hong Kong for the people here who understand that they cannot turn away when there is suffering.”ZHAO Sile is a freelance writer. Her "Series: The Fate of Chinese Rights NGOs 1/ 2 / 3 )" was awarded the 20th Human Rights Press Awards Chinese-language News & Features Grand Prize; another article “Kou Yanding: 128 Days of Hell and 100 Kilometers of Salvation” was also awarded the Chinese-language Features Merit.
Ever since 2015, human rights lawyers, activists, and Rights NGOs in China have been suppressed by the Chinese government. One year has passed, how the situation is now? We are glad to have Zhao to share her observations.
Topic: The Fate of Chinese Rights NGOs
Speaker: Zhao Sile
Date: Saturday, 24 Sept 2016
Time: 15:30 to 17:00
Venue: KUC SPACE, No.2 Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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人權於體育,有一個常會被忽略卻極其重要的作用。從對抗種族歧視、性別歧視、恐同,至維護被剝削的奧運場館建築工人的權益 – 體育和人權都是緊扣相連。
捍衛人權,每個人都可以。為人權灑汗給力的滋味,你又試過未呢?叫埋家人朋友一齊加入TEAM AMNESTY ,從生活細節中做起。
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Human Rights have a vital role in sport that is very often overlooked. From fighting racism, sexism and homophobia to standing up for the rights of the workers building stadiums – sport and human rights are intrinsically linked.
Do you know that you can get thirsty, sweat and work out not only for yourself but also for human rights? Join TEAM AMNESTY with your friends and family, start with a small idea!
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40 位來自本地高中的同學,透過模擬採訪、編輯會、工作坊和小組討論,從人權視角分析及思考多項議題,並提交實習報道。我們更邀得人權新聞獎得主曾錦雯、香港教育大學教育政策與領導學系兼任講師梁恩榮,以及教育政策與領導學系高級專任導師莊耀洸等講者,與同學分享專業新聞採訪經驗和人權知識。


Human Rights Journalist Programme 2016 has started!
40 Senior high school students joined this programme and attended workshops on news-reporting techniques and human rights knowledge from experienced journalist and human rights education experts, including Human Rights Press Award Phyllis Tsang, Senior Teaching Fellow of the Education University of Hong Kong Chong Yiu Kwong, and Dr. Leung Yan Wing at the Education University of Hong Kong. Through role-play, group discussion and interactive workshops, students learnt to analyze current affairs with the human rights framework.

Check their work at hrj.amnesty.org.hk (Chinese only) now! You may possibly discover their works in the upcoming Human Rights Press Awards, stay tuned! 
Amnesty International Hong Kong does not seek or receive donations from governments, corporations and political parties. We depend solely on individual donors and members to support our work.

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