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2017年6月 第1期 | JUNE 2017 ISSUE 1

曼寧獲特赦 離開美國軍事監獄

在2014年,你聯同超過25萬人參與寫信馬拉松的聲援,讓曼寧 (Chelsea Manning)在今年5月17日離開了美國軍事監獄,重獲自由。
我們衷心感謝各位曾經為曼寧而行動的會員、支持者及學校AI Club成員,是你以及眾人的力量,讓曼寧早日獲釋。

了解更多關於曼寧重獲自由的歷程: https://youtu.be/aXYctvfS0y4

Chelsea Manning walks free from US military prison!

On 17 May, Chelsea Manning was released from a US military prison, a long overdue scheduled release ending her punishment for exposing classified information, including those of possible war crimes committed by the US military.
Following years of campaigning by Amnesty International and others, former US President Barack Obama commuted Chelsea’s sentence before leaving office in January.
A huge thank you to everyone who took action on Chelsea’s case, particularly to those who took part in the Write for Rights 2014 where nearly a quarter of a million actions were taken on her behalf, as well as to the people who pressured Obama into commuting her sentence in the final months of his term.

Learn more: https://youtu.be/aXYctvfS0y4

為人權奮鬥  Be BRAVE


李雅琴 Angela (右) 是我們第一位人權教育幹事;她與時任主席Robyn Kilpatrick (左) 亦是將《人權新聞獎》理念帶入香港的發起人。

「人權教育和人權新聞獎,其實相輔相成。記者在前線採訪然後報導新聞,老師再利用新聞去教導學生,這是最直接將新聞用於教育的例子。」Angela 現時堅守教育崗位,繼續推廣人權理念。

— 李雅琴,前國際特赦組織香港分會人權教育幹事,與國際特赦組織同行22年

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 Be BRAVE and Pass It On

Angela (right) was the first human rights education officer of Amnesty International Hong Kong. Together with the chairperson Robyn Kilpatrick at that time, they introduced the Human Rights Press Awards to Hong Kong.

"Human rights education and the Human Rights Press Awards are complementary. Reporters report at the frontline, while teachers teach students according to what is presented in the media. This is the most direct example of media in education."

— ANGELA LEE, Former Human Rights Education Officer of Amnesty International Hong Kong, with us since 1995

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We are looking for a Human Rights Education Officer to promote human rights education in local schools.

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《人大釋法與香港司法獨立》— 最新法治教育單張


自去年起,我們製作法治為主題的教育單張,希望帶出《基本法》保障人權的面向,譬如其第3章臚列港人各項權利,亦訂明《公民權利和政治權利國際公約》適用於香港。繼梁國雄(長毛) 未經批准集會案及W小姐爭取結婚權案,我們最新出版題為《人大釋法與香港司法獨立》的單張。


Impact of the interpretation of the Basic Law by the NPCSC on judicial independence in Hong Kong - Latest leaflet on the Rule of Law
In recent years, both the Chinese and HKSAR Government have sought to strengthen national identity of youth for people's acceptance of Hong Kong's return to China. For instance, the Education Bureau has announced the new Secondary Education Curriculum Guide and requires junior secondary schools to spend 51 hours teaching the Basic Law.

We have published education leaflets on the rule of law since 2016. We hope to highlight the dimension of human rights protection entrenched by the Basic Law. For instance, its chapter 3 enshrines the rights of Hong Kong residents as well as the applicability of the ICCPR in Hong Kong. In addition to the case of Long Hair on unauthorized assembly and Ms W on the right to marry, our latest leaflet discusses the impact of the interpretation of the Basic Law by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPCSC) on judicial independence in Hong Kong.

Read online (Chinese only): https://issuu.com/aihk/docs/201706_basiclawinterpretation

人權講座: 當普世價值遺失的時候

看著這群被物化、被妖魔化的人,我們不敢忘記他們都是活生生、有血有肉的人。國際特赦組織於二月發表的《世界人權狀況》年報,重點警告「排他」論述流行,令世界變得更分裂和危險,造成人權危機。法律學者和攝影記者又是如何看待「當普世價值遺失的時候」的世界? 我們邀請了致力研究多元文化主義和少數族裔權利等範疇的香港大學法律系紀佩雅副教授及以攝影計劃長期追蹤並關注難民及移民工等議題的獨立攝影記者郭浩忠跟大家分享他們的觀察。

日期: 2017年6月24日 (星期六) 
時間: 15:30 至 17:00
地點: 鰂魚涌英皇道1065號東達中心1101號 4 Cats 共營社群
語言: 廣東話及英語
登記留位: https://www.ticketflap.com/zh/624talk

Human Rights Talk: When universal values are lost
A large number of people are forced to flee from their hometowns due to war and political persecution. Facing the influx of refugees, the developed countries that embrace the equal value have chosen to shut their doors. What’s worse, politicians have been wielding a toxic, dehumanizing “us vs them” rhetoric as an attempt to win votes.
Looking at this group of materialized, demonized people, we should not forget that they are real lives, living people. Amnesty International published the Annual Report on world human rights situation in February, warning that the “us vs them” rhetoric is creating a more divided and dangerous world which leads to crises on human rights. How would the law scholars and photographers view the world if universal values were lost? We are glad to have Puja Kapai, Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong, who is concerned about issues such as multiculturalism and minority rights and Billy H.C. Kwok, an independent photojournalist, who has been working on a long-term project documenting the social landscapes of refugees' mobility and relationships in Hong Kong, to share their observations.

Date: Saturday, 24 June 2017
Time: 15:30 to 17:00
Venue: 4 Cats Co-Business Community, Unit 1101, Eastern Center, 1065 King’s Road
Prof. Puja Kapai, Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong
Mr. Billy H.C. Kwok, Photojournalist
Language: Cantonese and English
Register now: https://www.ticketflap.com/624talk
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