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2017年10月 第1期 | Oct 2017 ISSUE 1

好消息: 悼念劉曉波的中國詩人獲釋


Good News: Poet commemorating Liu Xiaobo released

Poet Wu Mingliang, better known by his pen name “Langzi”, and Peng Heping were released on 22 September after being criminally detained since August.

It is believed Wu Mingliang’s detention was with regard to an anthology of poems commemorating Liu Xiaobo that he had helped produce. Peng Heping, who printed Wu Mingliang’s exhibition catalogue, had been criminally detained since late August on suspicion of “illegal business operations”.

Both men have expressed their appreciation for the concern shown by the international community and thanked Amnesty International supporters for their actions.





適合科目: 生命教育、宗教及倫理科、通識科、德育及公民教育和人權教育
行政費: 港幣300元 (租借期:15日)
查詢: hre@amnesty.org.hk

Teaching Material: "Last Meals of Death Row Prisoners" exhibition boards

We eat every day, so do death row prisoners. In some places, the death row inmates know their execution date, and are provided the last meals; in some places, executions are conducted secretly that every meal can mean the last meal to the death row prisoners.

10 October is the World Day Against the Death Penalty. We have specially prepared “Last Meals of Death Row Prisoners” exhibition boards. As a teacher or a student who is concerned about human rights, you can show the last meals of death row prisoners on your campus and explore more about the death penalty & human rights issues.

Subjects: Liberal studies, religion studies, Civic education and human rights education
Fee: HKD 300 (15 days)
*Exhibition boards will be provided in 2018 onwards
Enquiry: hre@amnesty.org.hk



地點:西九文化區苗圃公園 社區攤位區

Pink Dot Hong Kong 2017 is coming!

Like past years, Amnesty International Hong Kong will host our own booth, with the aim to spread the message of "Love is Human Right". Details of the event are as follows: 

Date: 22.10.2017 (SUN)
Time: 2-7 p.m.
Venue: Community Booth Area, West Kowloon Nursery Park
Community Screening - Film Recommendation

預留門票 Get your tickets: www.ticketflap.com/hrfilm2017
《粉紅政黨參選記》埋身直擊全球唯一LGBT政黨Ladlad殺入選戰!政治素人班姆姿夢想成為菲律賓國會第一位跨性別議員,不過國內天主教及其他保守宗教影響力強大,談何容易?Ladlad 黨主席班姆姿 聯同一眾同志和跨性別戰友異軍突起,發動基層髮型師和跨女美容師選票力量,街頭口水大戰福音派傳道人。大選當天,選情告急之下,他們會否爆冷入主國會?全片充滿活力與生鬼,挑戰主流政壇,燃亮參選夢想!

Out Run closely examines the participation of the world’s first LGBT political party – Ladlad, in Filipino politics. It was never an easy task for Bemz Benedito, a newcomer in politics, to become the first transgender congressman in the Congress of the Philippines, where the Catholic alliance has gained power. Bemz, also the President of Ladlad, has formed an alliance with other groups of homosexual and transgender parties. The united front formed thus launching a campaign appealing to grassroots hairdressers and cosmetologists, while confronting the missionaries on the streets in the election. Will the underdog win the election on election day and earn a ticket to the Congress? This film has recorded the energy of this LGBT party and their creative ways in challenging mainstream politics and pursuing their dreams via the election in the Philippines!

A translator from the United States Army and an Iraqi solider fell in love in the time of war. However, their love invited death threats. Extremism has been prevailing in the Middle East region, where homosexuals are prosecuted. 

The production team of Out of Iraq visited four countries to uncover their 13-year love story. The documentary also documents proof of threats, faced by a pair of homosexual lovers, imposed by an anti-homosexual authoritarian government. For this reason, the only way out for the lovers was to seek refuge and flee their homes. However, it took them a great deal of time in which the lovers had to go through a series of complicated administrative procedures reviewing and examining their conditions and refugee status. 
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